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before i had boobs i had todd rundgren-let me explain-my brother in law to be and my then brother in law purchased a reel to reel tape player-remember those babies-and recorded a wizard a true star on that dinosaur-they slapped some head phones on me ( iwas 13) and told me to listen closely-i couldnt believe the incredible and undescribeable sounds coming into my ears and surrounding my gentil yet thirsty brain-since then ive been hooked so naturally for my 49th bday this year i went to akron-oh my there are no words in the english language that can conquer what todd and fellow band members delivered that night-todd and gang didnt play a concert-they put on a production-ive never seen any group of musicians work harder-ever-and ive seen todd/utopia i cant count how many times-i still have each tik stub going back to 1974-anyway-this was my sis bday gift to me-she came from philly at my request-ohhhh what a night-i feel like i lost my virginity again thats how great and memorable this was-whats next-how bout todd do nearly human again--or perhaps acapella-and just one victory always makes me cry-when 1 of my dear friends died -they played it at her funeral-ohhh tod is god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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