RR Party 9/5 & Kasim's Solo Show 9/6 & AWATS Show 9/6 - Akron Ohio

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OMG! What a WEEKEND!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! First of all, I want to THANK Doug, Mel, Carrie and everyone else who was involved in putting all of this together because without you all it would not have happened!!! The RR Party Saturday night was FANTASTIC!

Before I even got to the party I was lucky enough to ride the elevator with Greg and then Todd came on and the packed elevator said "Hi" and then it was total silence. It was kind of funny, knowing that people really wanted to ask Todd a question but didn't! Then before you walked into the first room you received a laminated pass looking exactly like the color picture on this page and on the back side, a list of all the people on the Guest List, it was so cool to receive this and the guest list was very impressive.

Then when you walked in the first door their was a name tag area, food, the RR cake, cash bar and people going around taking pictures. It was set up so great! Then you walked into the ballroom area and there were tables and chairs set up for people to visit, merchandise tables and two video screens! It was FANTASTIC! You had to smoke outside but there were tables and chairs there also and the weather was Perfect! I did see Jesse, Prairie and Kasim there. There was a lot of people and it was great seeing everyone! Oh, I was asked if I was the Karen on Facebook and just so you know, I'M NOT!

Kasim had his show the next day in the ballroom of the hotel at 1 and there was a BIG Crowd at the show. Kasim came in his PJ's and said he usually gets up about now! This was a FANTASTIC IDEA and a Great Set! I believe it was about 45 minutes or so, he played some songs and talked about the AWATS show but didn't give anything away. He also talked about when he was in Utopia and got a perm, he hated it. I was blown away when he played "I Just Want To Touch You", WOW that was a long time ago! The crowd was just Fantastic towards Kasim and I know he really appreciated it a lot. He met with a ton of people afterwards signing and taking pictures!

Now to the AWATS SHOW!!! OMG!!! I really don't want to say to much because I know there are people that haven't seen it yet. First of all, you are a fool if you don't go see this show! I truly hope it comes back in the future, after seeing this show I feel anything is possible! First of all, the back up band was Utopia (without Willie) Prairie is an EXCELLENT FIT. They came out (Todd, Kasim, Roger and Prairie) in front of the closed curtain and started with ROAD TO UTOPIA, OMG, OMG, OMG, honestly I was such in shock I only remember a little bit of the song! I swear that is one of my favorite Utopia songs! I don't remember all they played and for how long, remember I was in a state of shock!!! I was just enjoying it for as long as I could. I know Kasim sang 3 songs and Roger sang Abandon City and Caravan! Everyone looked Great with their black pants and their white t-shirts.

Then came the AWATS SHOW! OMG! The curtain was raised and the 6 guys were in White Suits, they looked so SHARP! Todd was in a SPACE MAN SUIT, it was so COOL! Todd changed Costumes almost every song! It was truly UNBELIEVABLE!!! In 31 years, I have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! Yes, I have some favorites of course like "I Don't Want To Tie You Down", "Does Anybody Love You", "Never Never Land" "The Medley" and I will never get tired of "Just One Victory" that's when Michelle came out and sang back up by Kasim. I thought the crowd was great and it was Fantastic seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was honestly a Dream Come True!!! Thank you Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie, Roger, Greg and Bobby for putting on such a Great show! I don't know how Todd did it! Can't wait until Chicago!!!

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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