OH in OH- TR rocks the AKRON Civic Theater 9/6/09

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I watched the show from the web cast wich I highly recommend.You can google AWATS LIVE .com register for $20 and you get both nights plus interviews and Todd the wizard interviews from the Agora .The same deal for the 2 Chicago shows! I pumped the audio thru my 800 watts PA system, HDMI out of lap top to the 50' plasma all streaming /live - Just awesome!

I am not in Ohio and ironically last year at Labor Day I lived in downtown Cleveland 2 blocks from The R&R hall Of Fame. I am so happy they are honoring his contribution to R&R with his 40 piece display there.I dont want to be the one to give away supprises! The opening act was a shock, pinch me please! I will comment on the stars! Rodger Powell was amazing, I am so jealous to not have stood in front of that man as he tickled the Moog! WELCOME BACK RODGE! Kasim was the shizit, as usual! Bobby Strickland made it like wathcing Nearly Human Tour again, wich was sweet ! Prarie & Jesse& Greg filled up the sound and they pulled off one hell of show.It was so nice to see Michelle get up there with the guys , you could clearly hear her angelic voice durring JOV! Sunset Blvd***** Five stars. I Don't Want To Tie You Down,Philly/MotownMedly,.... R&RPussy,Onionhead,Zen,Sometimes I Dont Know,.. You can say it was a UTOPIAN NITE! Thank you Todd-cast ! This may be the first ever TRconnection reveiw from someone who actually was not physically there. Do I qualify Rodger Linder? I love this technology

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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