Utopia/ AWATS 09/06/09

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Just back from Akron, really enjoyed myself. Had a good time at the party on saturday. Lots of people dancing to Todds music. A veritable who's who of Todd fans and people that Todd either knew or has worked with him.

Sunday the Kasim show was very good. I was standing next to Greg Hawkes during the performance.

What can I say about the concert except for the first show it went down great. Everybody was blown away to see Utopia as the opening act!

AWATS was performed very tastefully and quite well I must say. Prairie was his normal self. Jessie just kicks ass on the guitar. I was very impressed with Bobby Strickland, great sax! What can I say ROGER POWELL. Man I loved to see him again. He also came down to the party and was very gracious.

Todds costumes were a hoot. Kasim the veritable professional. Grag Hawkes played some greet synthesizer.

I am very tired but it was a once in a lifetime party and Akron turned out to be a great place to see the show and have the party

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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