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WOW! What can I say! The show was a concert and theatrical production all in one!

The evening started with Roger, Todd, Kasim and Prairie Prince dressed in white T's and black playing several Utopia favorites like Caravan, Libertine, Trapped and so on. They played for about 40 minutes then took a break to set up for the AWATS album debut!

Todd came out amidst the "smoke" wearing a space suite and singing International feel" then went on to 9 more costume changes with the help of Michelle backstage to complete the show to a sold out audience who totally enjoyed the complete performance.

Weaved into the night were solo performances by Kasim and Roger on keyboards. Bobby Strickland on sax did a "blow away" job as well. Prairie Prince took the helm at lead guitar while Todd sang the lyrics to the continual list of songs from the album. Greg Hawkes assisted Kasim on keyboard to fill the stage with the lineup of performers that completed the job!

As one would expect there were some problems that occur such as the premature costume change into the "fat boy" outfit which Todd said was Michelle's mixup. Also you could tell the lighting operator wasn't too familiar with some of the songs as he didn't spotlight the guitarists when they should have. The sound was a bit muddled at times but all in all it was a show that topped many other shows that I've attended and will leave me with many memories to hold!

Was glad that I could get many pictures to keep the memories alive and share with all the other fans who appreciate the man we come to know as just "Todd"

It was apparent that Todd really put his best into the show and sang from the heart in many songs. One of my favorites from the album "I don't want to tie you down" sounded so good as well as the medley "Ooh baby baby", "I'm so proud", "La la means I love you".

All in all the performance which last roughly an hour and fifteen minutes and of course was topped by the encore song "Just one victory" will be sure to satisfy anyone who attends this unique concert.

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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