Ribfest/Naperville IL/July 4

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Well, something that I have waited for, for almost 31 yrs. Todd playing close to where I live, a 15 minute drive. Yeah! I got there around noon when the gates opened and of course it was raining. Parked my chair in the chairs and blankets section then walked to the front of the stage. Of course some diehard Todd fans were there already. There were 3 bands on stage before Todd came on at 5:30. First, the Hannah Ford Band, she was the drummer and really really good! I got one of her purple drumsticks. Then a band called Wheelhouse came on which played Classic Rock, lead singer was great! He threw out t-shirts to the crowd. Then a band called The Gourds came on which I thought was a country type band, the announcer said that Todd really liked this band. They were from Austin Texas.

Finally!!! Todd came on but right before, they had some trouble with cords to the sound system. Jesse came out after The Gourds went off and was checking out his area and playing his guitar, no sound to the crowd though. I've seen him do this many times before. Then Prairie came and something was going on with his drums but Randy took care of it. Randy and the other guy that also helps with the band worked their asses off getting everything ready. Which is really hard when you have other bands playing in front of you and "No Soundcheck".

Todd finally came on which of course seemed forever when your waiting in the rain for 6 hrs! Of course it was so worth it! As luck would have it the rain finally stopped once Todd came on. The guys looked great (and Rachel), all dressed in black. They are so tight on this tour and with this set list, it's amazing to watch! I thought the set list might be shorten but to our luck we got to hear everything! I love that they start out with Love In Action, Open My Eyes was great to hear, LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing Trapped, I Love Afraid, Courage, Weakness, Mountaintop is my favorite!

When they did Bardo, it just blew me away! Todd talked a little politics, who died recently, the RAIN, but mainly it was all music. Kicking out song after song. When they came out for the encore to our surprise, Todd said since it's the last show on the Arena tour he was going to do something different. He decided to play and add "Love of the Common Man"!!! So we got to hear 3 songs for the encore!!! It scares the crap out of me when they do "Couldn't I Just Tell You" as I'm so afraid someone is going to fall! The show was FANTASTIC!!! There was a great crowd, a lot of Todd fans live in Illinois! Thanks for a GREAT SHOW, Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie and Rachel, we appreciate what you do!

Rock Love, Karen

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7/04/2009 - Ribfest - Naperville, IL

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