Arena at Comerica Cityfest. Detroit, MI.

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Ummm. . .where are the words. . . .urrrrr. . . ah. . . . .oh yeah, Holy Shit! Todd and company just nailed it last night in downtown Detroit.

I havenít seen Todd since the Joe Jackson dates do I went down to the Comerica Cityfest with high hopes and some apprehensions. Iíve been reading the mostly glowing reviews about the tour which was the source of my hope. But, truth be told, Iíve listened to ďArenaĒ off and on since it was released and while I like some of the songs and the intent, the execution left me cold.

But in a live setting with a band these songs transformed into heaving, pumping, loud monsters. I donít know how Todd can shred his voice like that and still be able to talk afterwards.

It was a good crowd and for the most part they stayed with him for the new material. From where I was sitting, I heard no bitching about the lack of ďHello, itís MeĒ or why the show was so loud.

The band was tight although Kasim seemed a little distracted or distanced from the proceedings and the rest of the band. Dunno why I thought that but it was the impression I left with.

I would strongly urge Todd to consider doing his next recording with a band instead of the DIY, in the box efforts heís been doing lately. I think Arena and Liars would have been a much better efforts if recorded with a band instead of as a one-man operation.

Hell, just using PP on some real drums would have added some much needed balls to these recording.

But still, the show last night was a real pleasure and now Iíve officially lost count of how many times Iíve seen Todd in concert. A sure sign that Iíve become an official member of middle-agedom.

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7/03/2009 - Comerica Cityfest - Detroit, MI

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