Random thoughts on Todd show @ Cityfest, Detroit, July 3

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Man, I'm getting old. These free shows sure bring out the freaks But you sure can't stop Love in action!!!

Todd doesn't look a day over 50. How can he scream like that-full out- from the first few songs and keep it up for a two hour show? and then do it tomorrow in Indiana. Amazing. Great Guitar sound. Oh good, It's LOUD . Kazim is the ace in the hole. "Brother John had visions of God so they put him in chains for acting too odd as the crowd shouted off with his head the priest said have mercy lets burn him instead..".do do do do do do do...Trapped!!!! That's always worth the price of admission. Boy, that girl on the bass is great. Is she Charlie Hadens' daughter? What a great drum sound. I may have to go see the Tubes in Kalamazoo this month. Prarie rules with only one tom tom. OH girl...what does that dumb tattoo on the back of your shoulder say? and why are you wearing a shirt that highlights the fact that you have some dumb saying on your back? Hey weird stoned guy...hell no, I'm not going to dance with you... now get the hell out of the way!

I think Jesse is married to Mary Lou. Jesse is probably the number one Guitar music publisher in the world. He played the same guitar all night. (I think). It's funny, I bought my copy of Arena at Borders and then sold it on Amazon to someone in Alaska. Wonder if Todd will say anything political? Nope...just about Detroit and how good it is being in DOWNTOWN Detroit 'case he's been to the burbs and to the knob.This is my first show of his in a parking lot. Ha... maybe his too.(probably not) I saw him at the Chicago Zoo once and I was pissed they didn't play Trapped. Yes, We need to STRIKE, STRIKE with our right hand fist. This is fun. I miss doing the right fist pump to white punks on dope yeah....can't clean up but i know I should.... What...no Mountain Top?...ahh I want to go higher higher. God these people are drunk .I guess once you start you can't stop at 5 bucks a beer. Glad I didn't start.Hey, don't do that...just keep walking....go somewhere else and get out of our way!..... That Matt Kearney guy (opener) is very good but so dull, predictable...The same song rewritten however many times to fill an hour and a half. And then theres Todd: still the most relevent, exiting, spiritually rocking, gifted musical entity there has ever been. The King of Power Pop. Couldn't I just tell you...with 3 screaming guitars strong.....Brilliant Rock and Roll. It doesn't get much better for me. And the Voice holds up thruout the Victory! Yay!!!

Thanks Todd and Kazim and Prarie and Jesse and Rachel....Just the best there is...Thanks. ...Now you better get walkin....or you're gonna get rolled here in the skeleton of the old GM headquarters......

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7/03/2009 - Comerica Cityfest - Detroit, MI

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