Aliante Station Casino/Las Vegas NV/6.20.09

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OMG! Great show, great sound, great hotel! Unfortunately, this casino/hotel was about 30 - 45 mins from the airport and a very big cab fare. I was very lucky to get a honest cab driver who knew a short cut but still cost me a lot. This hotel was built last year and everything was very new. The rooms were fantastic and I wish I could have taken it home with me.

The concert place was very nice and so were the people. As you know, the band is only allowed to play a 90 minute set which really stinks. Don't remember what songs they cut, way to tired . 4 hrs. sleep in 48 hrs. Todd was in good form but the guys looked tired, wouldn't you be if you played 3 shows in a row! Still sounded good and the band was tight. They put on a great show. Todd did a little bit of talking, time was short and went very fast. As always, wish it would have lasted longer. I love the Arena cd, Todd does a great job singing this. Still love the old songs also. I will never get tired of hearing "Trapped".

Thanks for the picture Todd, I really appreciate it!

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6/20/2009 - Aliante Casino - Las Vegas, NV

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