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You've heard the rumor that Rock 'n Roll isn't dead, but it's very sick. After Todd Rundgren's show at the Vegas Aliante on June 20th, it could be said that whatever the condition of rock, it is still in very good hands. Todd and band proved to be rock masters. Many will misjudge the rock cliches of Todd's most recent "Arena" album as an aging artist taking the easy way out. For his loyal fans and those in attendance, it is a more like master taking a vintage instrument and giving it's beauty new expression. The songs are powerful and very fun live.

Todd referred to the crowd as "my peeps" and lamented the casino policy of only a 90 minute set. He kept his talking to a minimum but did speak out against newly-revived-reunion acts who are just purely cashing in on our national nostalgia obsession. Having remained faithful to produce fresh material, and resist musical-style categorization, Todd's music and performance remains cutting edge. He was clearly "on" guitar-wise as he stepped to the edge of the stage all night long and let out his trademark screaming melodic phrasing. The 90 minute set only meant that (many thanks to those who have posted set lists) that he left out the Nazz classic "Open My Eyes" and "Mercenary" (my favorite) from the Arena album.

The band was very gracious to allow fans to approach them and get pictures, greet and ooze love all over them. I had the pleasure of riding the elevator down with only my wife and Todd himself. I consider myself a well refined, dignified fan but I was basically speechless and was only able to get out "We came all the way from Arizona to see the show". My wife was much cooler and made more coherent conversation.

"I am a huge fan." I was able to get that sentence out as I ran into Kasim Sulton in the hallway. What a great experience to see such a great act in this small but classy venue. My love to Todd and band for fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, to be able to speak with them. Looking forward to more great shows.

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6/20/2009 - Aliante Casino - Las Vegas, NV

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