June 19, 2009 Club Nokia Review

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I finally got to see the Arena show last night. My first show was the Ra tour back in "77 and I've seen many of the Todd incarnations since then. Arena ranks right up there with the best. It was a serious hard rock show. Club Nokia was much smaller than I expected which was a good thing as it turns out.

Like with the 2nd Wind and Liars shows, I found myself fixated watching Prarie. The dude is an incredible power house back there. Amazing! Ditto Jesse. He makes the guitar talk and is a perfect compliment to Todd's playing.

As many have posted before me, I was able to bring my 14 year-old son to the show. He really got into the Arena CD I suppose since it rocks like it does. It opened the door of Todd to him. He was blown away by the concert. When Trapped ended he turned to me and said, "that was amazing." It was one of the highlights of the show for me. Todd and Kas going back and forth, turning it up a notch with their vocals was great to see and hear again. My son really got into the Arena material live since that was what he was most familiar with. He couldn't believe it when a guy a few rows in front of us kept yelling out to Todd to "play the old shit. That's what we came to see." My son and I came to see the new stuff. Myself, I've seen the old stuff a zillion times live so I dig it that Todd keeps releasing new material and then goes on to play it live. I guess some people forget that's what being a recording artist is all about. It would be different if Arena stunk but it's a real solid record.

Anyway, going up to the stage for the encores and standing next to my son swaying back and forth with the rest of the crowd to Just One Victory is a moment I'll never forget. Surreal. Todd a few feet away jamming out the final solo blew his mind. Mine too for that matter. Count my son as another to carry the Todd torch onward.

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6/19/2009 - Club Nokia - Los Angeles, CA

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