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This is what Liset wrote in our review on the concert in Norwich (11/22/08) ‘Todd and all the others, thank you for the music, and you and Kasim, Rachel, Jesse, Prairie, you were, are all super and hope you'll play forever and ever! Hey, let's go for it, forever young! CU soon! Somewhere somehow...' Surprise, surprise!! The Arena-band was going to play in Oslo on the 13th of June and ‘we could not resist'…. Lets go to Norway. The only Dutch who went as far as I know. The Norwegian Wood Festival, which is on for four days, 8000 people attending the festival every day. Todd playing on Saturday. We met the two French who were in Norwich last year. Shoke hands with Prairie and Kas. Hi Kas: we hope you liked the Dutch sweets which we gave you!! It was a great festival, great atmosphere, nice people, families, children and all, even breastfeading mums! And there was sun, lots of it, shining brilliantly. The weather forecast was terrible: wind, rain and cold, so there we were with our big boots and thick jumpers and raincoats… no water from the sky that day, only in the swimming pool. The food was ok, (accept the pizza's, they were horrible), lots of big drinks. I think we were privilaged to see the band playing on a festival like this. No pushing or angry people! They hadn't played for six weeks and Todd was a bit ‘breathless' after three songs. As all of you know by now the show can be seen on the internet. Really excellent sound quality. Put on a headphone and be amazed!! It was a great show with great audience, young and old enjoying very much. And as we know now the last time we saw Arena. This band is so tight. Jesse playing as hell, Kasim tyred but with superb keybords on Afraid (hammond-like), Prairie giving a excellent performance but Rachel is really the one who makes this Arena-band special. We will miss here so much. If you watch Kasims Back Stage Passes you know what we mean. Todds music played by this band was a gift which we will never forget. But all of us have to move on. Keeping the music still and very alife in our heads and hearts!!!
Love In Action
Black Maria
I Saw The Light
Couldn't I Just Tell You
No time for Just one Victory in Oslo….CU in London and Amsterdam (another gift….)London will be a family-trip with two Todd-families…

Bart and Liset

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6/13/2009 - Frognerbadet, Vigeland Park - Oslo, Norway

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