Chicago April 24, 2009 Review

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Friday night was so good at Park West, I'm still smiling on Sunday just thinking about it. Todd has such a magnetic magical personality-you can't help but be captivated by him. In another place and time, I have no doubt Todd could have been a ruler of some sort. As is, he rules my music world-that is for sure!

Love of the Common Man was a very nice addition to the set this time around. Makes me think, Todd songs never go out of style, do they? To still be in love with that song so many years later, is a testament to Todd's genius. The covers were dropped, and Trapped and Black and White were added this time around. Three encores were performed: LOTCM, CIJTY, and JOV.

Michele Rundgren, it was a pleasure meeting you after the show in the lobby. You are as genuine and as nice as I thought you would be! And to everyone I had the chance to spend some time with at the show, you made my experience even more special! Todd remarked that he has the hair to be our next governor-LOL- indeed! Todd for Governor!

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4/24/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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