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My favorite Todd album is pretty much always the one I'm listening to RIGHT NOW, and my favorite Todd concert is pretty much always the one I've just experienced. It just keeps gettin' better and better, even after all these years! Especially after all these years!

It was a beautiful spring day in Chicago with warm winds and brilliant sunshine, and the anticipation of a Todd concert in the evening made the day even more magical!

The concert at the Park West was a joy. Todd and the band were having such fun and everyone sounded great. TR's voice was amazing, soulful, and beautiful--to say the least. I'm still smiling!

Happy dances abounded on stage and off.

One little problem was the happy dances by some of the audience members that made it impossible for anyone behind them to see. I wish folks would understand that they are part of a group who also want to enjoy the concert, and some of us prefer to watch the actual performance on stage instead of the backs of audience members as they hop and flail their arms. Oh well. Nothing could really have put a damper on the evening.

Thanks, Todd, and all of the band and crew, for loving us and letting us love you back!

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4/24/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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