Arena Chicago 04/24/09

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I must say that this was a special Todd show for me. I met some really interesting TR fans who also were helped or changed withs Todds music. I heard really deep personal stories just like mine. So we had a warn time together.I shook Kasims hand as he came into the park west that was cool.

The show?

Well I did not have tickets but a fan Andy helped me to get two tickets. and he saved me and my wife seats right in front of TR. The song selections were great and played to perfection from my vantage point which was 24" from TR. I kept having to turn my head to look at Jesse as he pulled all those TR/Utopia sounds from his guitar - I was amazed. Prairie was outstanding on the drums and I was watching him alot in amazement. Kasim was the jack of all trades and was an essential element of this show.

Rachel was a goddess on the guitar (and I could easily fall in love with her) I watched her alot becouse she was so passionate in a female way that I have never seen at a TR show. She really plays the bass WELL.

TR was himself and could do no more and I was perfectly satisfied. The music makes me think about my life and I was moved to almost tears on a few songs. I just got a real TODD RUNDGREN show feeling from this one.

I guess a bell in my head rang.

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4/24/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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