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I was determined to enjoy this show. Nevermind that I was seated directly behind the one guy who was standing during every song. Slightly less bothersome was the guy on my right who was playing air drums all night. And then there was the girl in the front row, who from the opening number was constantly reaching out trying to grope Todd. Standing Guy didn’t annoy me all that much (he wasn’t standing ALL the time), and both he and Air Drum Guy were totally into the music, except during “Weakness” when they both were chattering away. Meanwhile Groping Girl was obviously annoying others down front and at one point Todd made a comment to her to cool it. Soon she was escorted out and the audience applauded. Todd pointed to the front row and quipped, “Well I don’t think this guy will be grabbing my crotch.”

Ok, enough of the distractions – this show was excellent! I had seen the previous Arena show in Cleveland last summer at The House Of Blues. It was in the very first week of the tour and it was clear that the band was still learning the songs. Now they are very tight and everyone onstage looked like they were having fun. The sound was super, and this venue with reserved seating was much more comfortable. “Black Maria” and “Trapped” were smokin’! This time around the crowd was familiar with the Arena tunes. Todd really got into “Afraid,” dancing around and belting out the vocals – he was in fine voice this evening! The middle of the Arena set drags a bit but the finale of Mountaintop/Panic/Manup really pick it up. The encore was:

“Open My Eyes”
“Love Of The Common Man”
“Just One Victory”
I saw many of the regular Cleveland faithful this evening – nice to chat with Lou before the show. Michele R. was busy selling t-shirts – Michele, I would rather see you up onstage singing – maybe Todd can bring you up for “Just One Victory”!

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4/23/2009 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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