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Could write a story on this one but will try to keep it short. Headed for Cleveland early and spent some time walking around town seeing the sights. Ran into Nancy and Jan as they were checking into their hotel near the venue.

As it drew closer to door opening, I spent the time with other Todders reminiscing over past shows. Went in and immediately found Michelle. Met her for the first time and was able to talk a little about her and upcoming events. She is very personable and sweet. Even my wife enjoyed visiting with her. She allowed us to get a few photos. Bought a new shirt to "help the cause"!

As the theater slowly filled the anticipation grew. When the band finally came out They drew a standing ovation!! Todd was definitely impressed with the warm welcome. Started off with the same set as other shows and moved into the arena list. Seemed to be having troubles getting the volume pumped especially on his axe. Kept switching from foamy to his standby. Finally about midway I think it was straightened out. The performance was fantastic! There were a few times Todd's voice seemed strained but he strived to go on and deliver another satisfying show that we ve all come to see. The band seemed completely relaxed and Todd took opportunities throughout the evening to chat with the crowd. That always makes it more intimate. I get a laugh from his style of humor. That's one of the "draws" I have to him.

With a two hour somewhat non-interrupted performance, I think everyone enjoyed the evening. I didn't hear anyone complain about the show exiting the theatre. Would do it again when the opportunity arises!

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4/23/2009 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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