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I drove about hour and a half to get to vineland from glenside ,pa.,no pa. stops?got there early bought arena cd and played it thru.Todd keeps getting better with time,he has the gift to change direction any time.glad I got to hear it thru before the show ,to enjoy the show more.place was small, black cindr blockwalls ,small stage,maybe 35 ft wide 15 deep ,Todd was careful with moves/jumps it was a small area,right to the front for all to marvel at his talents.Maybe 200-250 people,yet they still give their all,full sweat by third song,powerful,powerful music at the tightest level,new arena cd is amazing and they nail it live,the ceiling seemed low,and it was loud,Todd threatened with heavy metal all night,he sounded a little weary when he said" they was gonna play the new g.d. arena completly thru",and they did it ,I was amazed,5 feet from my favorite band for 40 years,well worth the trip,thanks again Todd ,Jesse ,Prarie,Kasim,Rachel ,great show/music.

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4/18/2009 - Hangar 84 - Vineland, NJ

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