City Winery NYC 4/17/09

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Apologies if my review of last nights show rambled a bit. I don’t really remember writing it after my $110 individual Bar Tab at the show.

Day 2. Still a great great time. We got treated to “Love of the Common Man” in place of CIJTY as the first encore.

Todd came across as extremely happy and even a little more energetic than last night. I was a little more coherent as well – so that may have had something to do with my perception. My seats were a little further back so I had a different perspective and I was with my wife this time so I was probably a little more behaved.

Crowd seemed much more into it tonight and the “security” seemed a little more relaxed, people actually got to stand up and dance.

Highlights for me, as always, Trapped (the first recorded piece of music by TR that I played on my own stereo in 1977, the first live song I ever saw them do in 1979 at Giants Stadium-Todd and Kasim can never play this enough), Mercenary, Weakness, Today, Manup. Todd did a lot of running, jumping, grimacing, very reminiscent of the old days. Both nights were an event. As Mike Bender said in his Baltimore Review, its not just about the show and the band anymore, its about seeing the familiar tour, facebook, Rundgren radio faces. – now all friends from other shows, NYE, etc. and they hang out with you even though you foolishly didn’t go to Toddstock.

Another great show, another great time. See you tomorrow night at Hanger 84.

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4/17/2009 - City Winery - New York, NY

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