City Winery 4/16/08 NYC

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OK...WTF has happened to TR over the past 2 years or so. It's like he's gotten so totally rejuvenated, the shows are so hot. 5th time Iíve seen Arena, tour before was blazing, tour before that with Tony Levin...also blazing. Been going since 1979 (I keep mentioning that).... I liked the Individualist tour, I liked the Tiki Tour, I liked the Liars tour... New Cars - very surprisingly good BAM ....and then...heís even hotter than ever and continues to blow us all away. Iím waiting for my train at Penn Station while I'm writing this, haven't even gotten home from the show. A little tipsy, but still on fire. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT. Same LOCM but a great CIJTY.

Be prepared if your going tomorrow night, City Winery is a Sit down place. Really nice, good views, but definitely a sit down place Ė table seating. I spoke to the owner before I left (we have a mutual acquaintance) and he asked "how do you think Todd did in the room" could tell he was a little taken back by the Arena set. I just said I had a blast. Still a great venue - I doubt there's a bad seat but itís not easy to get up and dance. I sat 3 seats in from the stage, probably less than 4 feet from Rachel and Kasim. (and next to Lois and Dennis and their kids which was an absolute treat...thanks Pippi for hooking us up ahead of time). Anyway, as all have said, see Arena, see it often, see it every time you can, see it with old friends, see it with new. Taking the wife tomorrow to City Winery, going solo to Hanger 84 on Sat. cya.

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4/16/2009 - City Winery - New York, NY

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