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Todd shows have always been more than simply a concert. From my very first show they have always been something more than just a night out, just a night of entertainment. TODD SHOWS HAVE ALWAYS, ALWAYS BEEN AN EVENT!!

I think back over the years, over the decades and the countless shows and recall the excitement that went along with the whole process: finding a tour schedule (in the days before the internet), waiting in line to buy tickets – meeting other fans as we waited in line for hours in hope of securing good seats, sharing stories, pictures, etc. with others who would endure the hours in the hope of snagging a prime seat or ticket. Then there was the anticipation of the show. What should we bring for Todd this time? Do we need to make more “Utopia’s Children” t-shirts? When do we need to get in line for the venue?

And the shows have never, ever failed to amaze me. There is something about this guy… I’ve seen Todd at his best and I’ve probably seen him at his worst – but I’ve never failed to love each and every show that I’ve seen. Like I said, there is something about this guy…

Well, tonight I was a witness to the Arena show here in Baltimore, MD. I’ve even lost count of the number of times I’ve seen this show – but it never gets old!!! And the excitement that I remember from that first show back in 1974 was still there today – I found myself unable to concentrate this afternoon at work and had to leave early – what was the use in trying to work? All I could think about was the show. After all, I haven’t seen the show since Birmingham two weeks ago – how was I supposed to concentrate at work?!?!

The band was as tight as I’ve seen them – this group just consistently seems to be on fire! But there were a couple of things that were different about the show tonight. The first was the set list – Love of the Common Man replaced Couldn’t I Just Tell You as the first encore – and even though Randy told Mindy, Leslie and I that he thought the song needed more work after the sound check, it sounded great to us!!

For me the other thing that was different about the show tonight has to do with the web of Todd friends that has grown exponentially over the last year. Todd friends are special people. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many great Todd friends from all across the country and world. Some I talk to regularly, some not so often. But tonight as I stood there listening to this fabulous music willing the music to permeate every cell of my being, I was listening for everyone – you have all become a part of me. We were all there tonight, listening to another magical evening. I hope you felt it. And I hope that as the tour continues, at the shows I’m not able to attend, that you’ll return the favor and “think of me”.

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