Covington, Ky April 9th review

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The last time Todd graced stage at the Madison Theater, it was 5 degrees above zero, during the "Freeze Your Ass Off" tour. Tonight was the first time the Arena tour has hit Southwest Ohio, and it was evident that the new material had everyone hooked - even those who had yet to hear the new album. No surprises in the set list. This was our third time hearing Arena material, and Todd's voice was at it's finest. We had a Todd "neophyte" with us - half our age also, and she was just amazed at the clarity of his voice and how it cut thru even the densest layers. Todd and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves thru the evening - perhaps a few battles with feedback were the only downers on the show. My favorite live song from Arena continues to be "Panic" - I love the way Todd and Kasim harmonize on the second verse - just the right amount of tension, but gives the impression that it is all one voice. It's always a "goose bump" pleasure to hear "Just One Victory", and last night was no exception - what an incredible song. We talked to Michele for a bit, but didn't see Todd come out before we left. It's been a great two days of Todd celebration - the DePauw lecture on Wednesday and concert on Thursday. Catch this tour - immediately!

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4/09/2009 - Madison Theater (Covington) - Covington, KY

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