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Here are some random comments from the Orlando show:

- The theater could add to the MoldStock theme of the tour...The Plaza Theater is an old theater just north of downtown Orlando. Most locals remember the theater as the local Rocky Horror Picture Show joint on Fri/Sat nights. But it is great that they are bringing bigger acts into a small theater setting....and far away from the craziness of the attractions.

- Not sure what exactly was going on in the theater next door, but there was an annoying deep, thumping bass coming from there. For the opening act, it was really a distraction...it seemed to go away after Todd started his set. (But not before he commented on it and challenged that we would blow them away.)

- Michele manned the merchandise table and was happy to chat and take pictures with fans.

- Opening act was awesome! The audience thoroughly enjoyed Paul Freeman....it was probably the best opening act I've ever seen at a Todd show. He's opening for the next few shows...be sure to check him out.

- With Todd and the band ready to play, the curtains fly open taking out some of the microphones....I think Rachel caught hers, but Kasim and Jessie weren't so quick with the reflexes.

- Technical glitches seemed to haunt Kasim and Prairie though we couldn't really tell from what we were hearing....it all sounded great!

- Same set as previous nights. Todd seemed to be appreciative of the standing ovations he got early in the set for songs like Black Maria. The crowd in general (about 3/4 full) was chatty and Todd interacted with most of the random comments (though one gal you kind of wish wasn't as vocal....hint "Happy Birthday Todd"). All different ages at the show. And like with Liars tour, he still has some people coming out thinking they'll be hearing mellow Todd...but they seemed to be ok with getting Guitar God Todd.

- First time I've seen Kasim in a different role with the band....his playing was fierce and flawless. I know we all love the technical prowlness of Jessie, but Kasim was a rock.

- Speaking of Kasim, and this is just my opinion, he looks a little tired and ready for something different. Maybe he's missing his role with Meatloaf, but I sense he wants to be somewhere else. There seemed to be more interaction between Kasim and Prairie than with Todd.

- Prairie was rock solid. He brings great energy to Arena. He also is oblivious to the bottle tops Kasim shot his way.

- Jessie was great...first time I could here his backing vocals.

- Rachel was a nice addition...though she doesn't do the bass line runs that Kasim usually does with the songs, she adds a freshness to the band and seems to be enjoying the ride.

- Todd had a good evening....strong vocals, great arena rock star poses.

- Loved hearing all the Arena songs live...the album rocks and hearing it live is a real treat. I was really impressed with the backing vocals.

- BTW, sound level was bearable. My wife wore ear plugs but I was ok without.

Wishing everyone a great time at all the future shows!

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3/29/2009 - Plaza Theater - Orlando, FL

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