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hi all,

Homer-T here. I hate to say it but THE TRAFFIC IN THIS STATE SUX. But it was well the worth the trip from Panama City to Orlando to see Todd and the group play the fantastic Arena. Set list as usual with "Trapped" included as well, but almost forgotten.

The performance was spot on and the sound was excellent, I really enjoyed this concert and Todd's banter between songs was funny as hell. I took my mom and sis and my 2 boys to see the man and they where just floored by this great energentic 60 yr. old rock the joint.

I got to talk with Michelle and had some pics taken with her (upload later). Such a nice human being.

Paul Freeman was good but I told Michelle if she was going to travel with him the rest of this tour she should open up for Todd with her stand-up comedy routine. I think that would be a hoot to see.

Kasim's DVD Live in Atlanta can be purchased at the venues as well. The first thing I did was to play that, when we got home, A great way wine down after a long haul and short vacation for myself.

You all that have not seen this concert, Get Ready To Rock Your Socks Off. And as Todd says It's time to quit moping.

Homer-T & Warm and Breezy

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3/29/2009 - Plaza Theater - Orlando, FL

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