Clearwater,FL 3/27/09

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Excellent performance on all counts . . . except, waaaay too much volume. The venue was switched to outdoors and the sound crew apparently thought they needed enough punch to fill a 90,000 seat stadium. WRONG!!! I'm a long time Todd fan. Seen him umpteen times or so, lost count after ten or so. First was in 1974. Never seen such a botched effort by his sound people. They only needed to accommodate a street corner. Instead they wanted to make sure he could be heard well into Cuba. I was so pumped to have 4th row tix. Moved about a full city block back so I could comprehend what was being played. From there, the sound was perfect (so I guess they didn't totally ruin it) Todd,Jesse, Kasim,Rachel, and Prairie were F'n GREAT all night!!! Arena played fully and flawlessly. Todd's best release since Nearly Human without question. (in my humble opinion) So GO by all means and do whatever you have to do to enjoy it fully (such as give up a 4th row seat ) . Very positive crowd vibe and a hopefully great future for the soon to be restored Capitol theater. Downtown Clearwater certain could use one. Love to all, WB Stoner

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3/27/2009 - Capitol Theater - Clearwater, FL

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