3/25/09 Fort Lauderdale

Review by John -Snappy- Harris (Switch to

Set List (Taken From Stage-Rachels)
1-Love In Action
2-Black And White
3-Black Maria
4-Open My Eyes
5-I Saw the Light
18- Manup
19-Couldn't I Just Tell You
20-Just One Victory

I arrived at the Revolution at about 4 pm .The sun was out ,80 degrees no clouds.I met three of the nicest people you ever want to meet -Julie,Jody & John Keys.We had a great time waiting for TR, listing to Kasim sing lead vocals during sound checks in TR's absence and later watching the show front and center.

TR & Michelle arrived together, we all had a meet and greet out front around 6 pm . Todd signed a page in a book called "Electric Guitars -The Illustrated Encyclopedia" pg 293 featured him playing a Valeno guitar from the Ra tour .Todd asked me "Is this new?" I replied "Yeah" "They all got burned up " he replied,and on he went. I guess he was referring to the fire in Bearsville.

I also saw Michelle and she looked GREAT!! I gave her a picture of her holding their son Rebop,on stage ,w/ Todd, NWO Tour. She was thrilled.

The opening act was "Dreaming In Stereo " wich was more like a Nightmare in Quadraphonic.On stage looping pedal run a muck.

The Arena band it self was on fire . Prarie Prince is like a sober John Bonham, a power house machine. I cant say enough about Prarie Prince ,Thank God For Prarie Prince!

I have to admit I'm getting a little anxious watching Kasim not play the bass guitar( what he was born to do). He really should have one song on bass guitar just for shits & giggles. Although watching him sing "Trapped" is frickin outstanding.

Not to take anything away from Rachel Hayden, who by the way has this sex appeal that adds a real treat to the band.She was jamming down on that bass last night! Great job Rachel !!!

Jesse plays his ass off.! He loves this tour, you can just tell. Todd Rundgren is an amazing performer and a R&R Icon wizard . The reason I continue to go see him over and over since my first show in 1979 (Central Park NY with Utopia) is it just feels very natural, or meant to be and for an education on how to play and perform.

A woman wanted my spot up front last night and went so far as to try to phsycoanalize me moments before the show with question after question and imply that I must be homo-sexual to want to stand in front of man so bad. When that did not work she offered me Valium for my spot, which explains how ridiculous this womans behavior had got.She told a guy in the crowd that I pushed her and he tapped me on the shoulder and said " whats the problem dude" When the show started I let her and her two friends in front of me anyway because she was so dam annoying. I thought she should have some compassion and not be so rude at shows. This type of narcissistic pushy attitude is pathetic. The bottom line is a matter of principal, if you want a good spot get there early and pay your dues waiting on line and don't harass those that have done so.She did get on line behind us about 2 hours before they let us in , but just reserved a spot for her and her friends by saying "this is my spot ,I'll be back" and then went for dinner and drinks , and returned to the line 5 minutes before they let us in -you know the type! I guess she dose not pay attention to Todd-lyrics.

The night ended for me with a wonderful surprise when I ran into a friend I have not seen i about 20 years . Wayne Gilbert ,an extraordinary keyboard player I use to Jam with back in the day in Roslyn,NY.I also met his lovely wife and I look forward to seeing them again.

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3/25/2009 - Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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