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Talk to anyone who saw the 3/25 Todd show at 'Revolution' in Ft. Lauderdale( on a very nice, tropical south Florida evening), and the consensus will be that this was one of Todd's best ever. His performance definately turned back father Time---with his energy level, tight band cohesion, fierce guitar shredding, no flubs/mistakes( excepting his glasses falling off after a signature power-leap), insightful stage banter. Pretty much 'in yer face'. Announcing that ths was the first show of 2009, it was quite apparent that he's doing sort of rejuvination program in a big way. Looking very fit & muscular, he carried the concert pretty much single-handidly. Of course, the rest of the band Rachel, Jesse, Kasim, and Prarie were all of 'one voice'---just bringing it all home in a fine way. As the tour progresses, I can only hope others catch a performance at this very tight, intensly high level.

A nice selection of oldies, then the Arena album---a concise rendering of stuff the band is obviously familiar with at this point. Also very nice of Todd to thank everyone for spending their entertainment dollars, in light of the tough times permeating performance venues these days.

And just a word....the opening act by Fernando .....?( aka Dreaming In Stereo). Wearing a Todd t-shirt, he performed solo, doing a mult-instrumental/vocal/computer loop throw down, that sets him as someone to watch out for in the future. Very proficient....in my opinion.

A really TIP-TOP musical evening.

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3/25/2009 - Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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