Todd Rundgren's REVOLUTION LIVE Ft. Lauderdale Gig - Commentary

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Todd's show at Revolution was superb. One of the best shows we've ever had the pleasure to attend. The venue on the outside wasn't fancy, but the mood inside was old school raw rock club. Just like the good old days! The upper floor had a small lounge with a glass area overlooking the top back half of the stage, a lighting booth on the right overhang and a VIP area. The VIP section hung over the mosh pit / dance floor below filled with fans and folks ready to rock, still the upper balcony area seemed quite close to the stage.

On the dance floor, we viewed fists popping in unison to TR's STRIKE. Women at the foot of the stage clawing at Todd's feet and some lady propped up on a guy's shoulders prompted Todd to comment "Now it's a real rock concert!"

In the ladies room I overheard remarks like "This guy is hot! He's still got IT!" Walking back to the floor and down the staircase I heard folks saying things like "This guy is F_CKING INCREDIBLE! He Rocks!"

This was a thrill. I got a real charge out of it, because for the most part, the folks in this audience were unfamiliar to me. In fact, I think I knew only five people in attendance at this show! It was a gathering of unknown faces fully absorbing all Todd and the band had to deliver. And he DID deliver. We were swimming in a sea of strangers encompassing Todd and no one needed or wanted rescuing from the swirling waves at high tide.

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3/25/2009 - Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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