review of 12/31/08- Phila.

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I'm a cynical, skeptical Philly guy & must confess, I had doubts about this gig from the git-go. It sounded too good to be true.

Well, it turned out to be a dream come true. Doug & Mel & the gang put together 1 amazing night. The Stewkey Dinner @ Silk City was great. The wedding was a real blast with Prarie (in pope garb) & Rachel officiating. Kasim nailed Love Alone & the vows were comprised of dozens of song titles.

Todd said the show was "a party, not a concert" & whatever it was, I gotta put it way up there on the all-time list. You could've cut the spirit of the nite with a knife: 300 folks from 23 states, who were all on exactly the same page.

We got the current mix of old & new, including Arena, top to bottom. Kasim served as timekeeper & when the new year struck, naturally Today was being performed during the Arena set. Without even asking, we got Hello It's Me, just for oldtimes sake.

I dunno know if this was 1 of those "Ya hadda be there" events, but just like I heard from someone who went to the '08 birthday hike in Hawaai, Ya hadda be there.

Happy New Year!

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