Saturday Night In Manhattan12/27/08

Review by John Snappy Harris (Switch to

I was on line for the restroom (mens) 2 minutes prior to The Todd Rundgren Band first song " Love In Action" and we were getting anxious. Just then some shouted "hurrythehouse lights went down" to which I shouted ' You cant stop piss in action'. Subsequently as fait woul have it I found my self back on a similar mensroom line and once again someone shouted "hurry up in there I'm about to wet myself" and I felt it only fitting to yell out "We need just one pee-pee and we'll be OK',"Just ne Victory " being the anthemic grand finally of this highly charged show. The reason I share these snipits with you, however uratically- homo-erotic, is that it is directly proportional to the venue, and by that I mean if you are in the standing room only section up front you are faced with losing your spot in order to go relieve youself. In turn you must ask yourself the age old question "To Drink, or Not To Drink" And drink we did. Even the wizard himself commented after "Black Maria" "you guys are still partying from Christmas or you are early for New Years!!The crowd was in full festive celebration mode. Some of the loudest cheers ,whistles and applause Ive ever herad at a TR concert.

Todd said ... " if we can have a black man as president, we can have a white man stand here a play the blues.." or something/anything to that effect.

I noticed Todd as he came thru the crowd about 15 mins. prior to Freeman and I said under my breath " TR " we made eye contact and I saw the light in his eyes as if to sayShhh dont let everyone see me just yet. That was pretty magical for me!

This was another stellar performance by the band. If i was to compare with Tarrytown I would say they were more "working" in Tarrytown and Just on "autopiliot in Manhattan or just having a great time up there while still working thier asses off.

Esspecialy TR. Todds guitar playing ran the gamet of exspressive, relaxed, aggressive, melodic, confident, signature todd riffs, lyrical, engaging and inter-active ( stage-left/stage right/center...)

I love TRs new Ibanez.I hope some day he re-introduces the ol 12 string black Ovation and 1 acustic song a night sopprise !

We are so fortunate to have Todd's music. It really gives us a bench mark to guage our live and appreciation for the arts.Im proud to say hey lok , heres a guy who has had such a profound impact on the way I process music and the arts. Those lyrics alone are enough to sink your teeth into.I would like to see Todd publish abook of his lyrics some day!

I would like to see Todd & kasim cover "She Said, She Said" by the Beatles and for Todd to dig out "Hope Im Around" off of The Ballad of TR. How in the hell is this guy not in the RR hall of Fame. Happy Holidays to all TR fans on peace on earth , someday!

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