December 27, 2008 - Blender Theater

Review by Bruce Hyatt (Switch to

I missed the first few songs but caught all of Arena which was all I wanted. The venue was a small theater with no seats on the floor, only in the balcony, and it was packed and the smell of weed was pervasive.

I think everybody already knows the set list. I just want to say that the band are consummate musicians; Prairie a freight train, Rachel rock solid, Jessie with scorching guitar highlights, Kasim with every embellishment needed - vocal, guitar and keyboard and Todd as front-man extraordinaire.

The sound was also excellent. Loud with no feedback and no one instrument overpowering. Todd has been an inspiration throughout my life and this show renewed that inspiration. I suspect part of his motivation for this record and tour is his financial situation but there was no air of workin'-the-day-job-to-pay-the-bills.

Thank you and congratulations to Todd and the band.

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12/27/2008 - Blender Theater at Gramercy - New York, NY

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