Blender December 26

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What can you say that hasn't already been said about this show? Let me try. Best show ever! Best band in recent memory. Prairie Prince absolutely makes the band! On the Liars tour he was kind of sterile and perfect, but on this tour he has just enough of a rock edge to his playing to give the rest of the band a nudge in the right direction. He was the only drummer to play CIJTY correctly, translation: not too fast. He lets it rock and also brings the groove back to the song. Remember, rock should also roll. Let us not forget the origin of the art form. It is supposed to make you want to move your butt. Back in the day people didn't watch music, they danced to it. If I want to watch music, I'll stay home and listen to a painting. Thankfully the band actually made me wanna dance. It was an an honest to goodness rock show (even though I like the quiet intimate shows, but we've had enough of those). My apologies to everyone who had to stand near me and suffer my drunken dance moves. Todd sang great and played great. They've been playing these songs for a while now, but they didn't seem bored by them. They have enough miles on the odometer, the songs are second nature. They let the music take control of them instead of vice versa. Can I also just say...3 GUITARS! Yes, this was the missing link in recent shows I've seen. The sonic density on so many of Todd's records, finally translated live. Todd's bringing his A game. Who knew? He's ready, willing and able to shatter the expectations his fans (lapsed and faithful) have about his live shows. Is this his Third Wind? If so, I breathlessly await his Fourth and Fifth. Let us raise a glass to Todd and his limitless wind. ;)

Love, Santa

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