Sellersville 12/22

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Despite having to sit through a 45 minute equipment set-up after the opening act, which was due to the band arriving late from the Letterman taping, this was an incredible show and Todd tore up the Sellersville Theater Monday night. They didn't go on until about 10:15 and played until after just after midnight. To start off the night Todd joked that since they were running late, the next two hours would serve as the sound check. Fortunately all the rough spots were ironed out by the 2nd tune and the mix was fine - cranked up but not overwhelming plus Todd's guitar cut through like a knife - particularly on "Black Maria". The tone of the night was set early on as he cut his finger doing guitar "windmills" in "Love in Action". Upon his request a band aid was promptly rushed up to the stage by one of the venue's staff - pretty funny. At one point Todd said not to worry - we could all make it home in time to see his Letterman appearance…if we lived within 15 minutes of Sellersville!

The band was just great - it was cool seeing Kasim on keys and guitar (nice and loud, btw) and his harmony vocals were flawless. Jesse was overly impressive on this show and would have given Jeff Beck a run for his money. Prairie was excellent as usual and Rachel held it all together nicely - it's hard to believe such a petite girl can hold down the bottom end like that!

Overall an excellent show as expected - I just wish I could make it downtown for New Year's Eve but money's too tight. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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12/22/2008 - Sellersville Theatre - Sellersville, PA

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