Fri. 12/19 Boulton Center Bayshore, NY

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All's I can say is wow!

Longtime fan, this was my 3rd Todd show (New Cars, It Was 40yrs. ago today), 1st solo.

My wife is not Todd's biggest fan (although she enjoyed the above shows, just not as much as me). When it wasn't snowing on Friday, it sleeted and that mess froze to make Friday driving so dangerous her Christmas office lunch was cancelled. Not Todd's fault, I know but he took the brunt of her blame & bitchin' nonetheless. Hellfire if she didn't almost cause me to wave the white flag my own self!

Now couple that with the fact that I had prior knowledge of a set list that was comprised of a few classics, a cover of a song that was way over-played in it's prime and an entire album of all new material (did I mention I shared this knowledge with the misses?) ouch!


SHE LOVED IT! This new material rocks. Lunatic Fringe indeed. The band was super tight and Todd is in top form (60? really? I would need to see his AARP card!). I heard a few grumblings that the mix was over-amplified but I totally got it.


Big sound in intimate settings! Genius!

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12/19/2008 - YMCA Boulton Center - Bay Shore, NY

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