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The dog's b**locks, an unsung hero, still on top of his game, how does he do it? were a few of the comments I heard while in the gents toilet at the end of the TR concert in Norwich, England. We drove through the snow for nearly two hours to see Todd as, is the case with most of his fans, we have followed his music since the late 60s/early 70s and any chance to see him live must be grabbed by both hands. For anyone who was at the concert I'm sure they'll agree it was fantastic! The full Arena album was played which was much nearer the sound of the cd than I would have thought possible as well as a few oldies to keep everyone happy. The band were a tight unit with Kasim on guitar and keyboard with his bass playing being taken by Rachel who was a great package both musically and visually, Prairie being able to keep the whole thing going with his driving rythyms and Jesse Gress also on guitar showing what a gifted player he is as well. All the guitars mixed and enmeshed giving depth to each song with Todd leading it all both on his guitar and vocally. Marvellous stuff!!

The die-hards who decided to brave the snow and icy winds at the end at the stage door were rewarded by Kasim, Todd and Jesse happily chatting and posing for pictures while the one thing they probably wanted to do was get in their bus and go to their hotel.

In all, a great night out. Musically superb, a close, intimate venue, great songs and good chat afterwards. The whole thing was spoiled slightly by a young woman who insisted on bobbing up and down in front of me right at the front of the stage. And one final question - how does Kasim (a left hander) play guitar like a right hander but his bass like a left hander? What a clever chap he is.

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11/22/2008 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront

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