Norwich Waterfront

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Having listened to, and seeing Todd as often as possible since hearing I Saw The Light in 1973 this gig was literally the icing on an already sumptuous cake---I finally got to meet Todd, and the rest of the band too. After a four hour drive from Bolton, and finding a parking space outside the venue at 2.30 thanks to a fellow fan who sorted me a parking ticket as I'd no change, I was told that the band would be arriving around 5.0 clock. I nipped off for a bite to eat, returned at 4.'O' clock, and was eventually rewarded with autographs and photos of Todd and the band--there were a few of us 'slightly mature' fans who, for those few minutes, were awe-struck adolescents, in fact I don't think I've been anything else since the 60s if I'm honest. The courtesy, humour and generosity of Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie P and Rachel was tremendous--don't believe the cliche that meeting one's idols in the flesh leads to disappointment, far from it in this instance! We weren't allowed in the sound check, I don't think the band were bothered , but someone in charge didn't feel he could let us in---no matter, we could hear it perfectly, and were quite warm in the doorway! The gig was as good as I anticipated, having been to Manchester and been thoroughly 'blown-away' by the power and energy of the set. What with the fairly early finish, and having got the 'meet and greet' done pre-show I was back in Bolton for 3.00a.m., earlier than anticipated. Great show, fantastic meeting them all, and good to meet and spend time with 'fellow travellers!' Come back soon, Todd, and thanks again for 36 years of great music!!

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11/22/2008 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront

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