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It was a superthesuper, sensational gig, last Saturdag 22nd of November. Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie and Rachel in excellent top form and condition, jumping and bumping all over the place, pluggin’ their guitars and drums like madmen – yes you too, Rachel, as “just one of the boys”! This was special and we knew it. We knew it from the very first we heard of this Arena tour, back in September: Todd touring Europe again, this was IT. Being there was THE thing to do. The Waterfront in Norwich would be the place to be for us, as it was only half an hour flying ‘cross the sea. Yeah, we had to go and we came, me and ‘my’ man. His first Todd concert being in 1975 (Utopia), could’nt wait any longer now, and me, well, this would be my first time ever Life Todd Experience. Best thing we ever did, it turned out to be.

It was a very cold winter day, this Saturday of all days. Wings had to be defrosted and snow starting to come in. Would it go at all, leave Amsterdam, this cityhopper?

Well, there it was, at last, Norwich. Never set eyes on it before, so we had to explore the route in advance. Found the Waterfront all right but deserted, it was just 16.00 o’clock. We decided to come back later at six, wanted to be in front row. Went into town we did for a quick warm meal, and afterwards back to the hotel to collect some forgotten things; there we bumped into this couple, also going into the elevator. “Are you Todd fans?” this (also) Todd fan asked out of the blue, great bunch of red hear he had. Yes we were, how on earth... this was going to be fun! And guess what, those two, brother and sister and fans for almost a life time, happened to be our next door neighbours. They saw Todd about six times in the UK. So we went together, walking and talking, dark and cold Norwich all around us, more and more snow coming in, couldn’t be bothered less.

Not the first to arrive, no, two people already waiting, French they were, told us so. Had been everywhere it seemed: Paris, Malmö.... following Todd.

Snow all over the place now. Rather unusual so we were told, specially for this time of year. (Could it be us?) More and more people coming in as well, young, old, mature, fathers, daughters, brothers... from down the road and everywhere, everyone meeting and talking, excited and happy looking forward they were going to meet Todd and his band. Everyone queuing nicely along the contours of the building.

Then the doors opened and we were in at last and in front, only some fencing separating us from the stage. Had to wait a bit before the real thing happened though. We were entertained all right, by this young Indian look alike, nice curly black hair by the way, could sing allright, but of course, we just wanted Todd and the band.

Then they were upon us, all five of them, sexy girl Rachel included. And starting to play like hell they were, never stopped until the whole playing list, taped on the floor, showing us the complete Arena and some ‘prehistoric ones’, 22 songs and more, was done. Letting us forget everything but the music. Todd and his music still going strong, oh yeah!

About 400 people behind us, fully booked it seemed, the Waterfront was a real good even cosey place, but then we were in front and never missed a thing.... End then, afterwards, we met them all, had to wait a long time in cold winter snow, unsure which door they would leave, didn’t mind at all: there they came at last one by one, never, never letting us down, crazy fans as we were. Kasim first, then Todd, “just putting on some socks in the bus, then he’ll be back”, and so he did and endlessly, patiently joined in at this midnight photoshoot, and while flash lights were dazzling into the dark sky, lightning up the snow covered stones, he took turns with everyone of this waiting bunch, one by one, autograph by autograph in the freezing cold, joking all along. How great and sweet and really nice you were, our heroes of Toddrock. Then Jesse and Prairie came out: never tired of playing, never tired of singing and signing. And there she was too, this Rachel woman, she looked so great and cool on stage with her big bass guitar, and now down to earth again she was amazing and ever so nice and warm and, yeah, still cool! We love you, Rachel! We’ll always remember you, the huggin’ and kissin’, the boys, the music, the snow.... the entire gig and trip: unforgettable. It’s like a glittering gem to remember and being there was awesome! And all this other fans we met: you also were great, it made our Norwich trip all the more special, never to forget. (We did get stuck in the snow, you know, no planes leaving at all on Sunday! What’s up in Norwich when the music is gone?)

Todd and all the others, thank you for the music, and you and Kasim, Rachel, Jesse, Prairie, you were, are all super and hope you’ll play forever and ever! Hey, let’s go for it, forever young!

CU soon! Somewhere somehow...

Bart and Liset

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