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Todd RUNDGREN live in Italy 18 November 2008

I do not know if you have in mind this song Man on the moon by Laura Nyro which also sees the participation of our Todd Rundgren in it. But the morning of 18 November 2008 I have felt that way. Every time I know I will see Todd Rundgren happens this beautiful state of grace, because every living thing is unique and magical . The temperature in Milan was very cold compared to Savona, but since with Stefano Trombin we came close to Rolling Stone everything was transfer into another dimension., apart the truth about promoters and also Italian staff of Rolling Stone have worked or better not to have worked for nothing on Todd Rundgren. Not a picture, not a poster I saw for in the city and the club. So I will not dwell on this point. We walk and walk and we have not seen anything. Then around 16:30 (4.30P.M.) the typical white van stopped and I realized that there were technicians, I do not know how but I have not seen any musician, neither Todd. Then I turned my head and Todd is behind me, I had no words just for the surprise, then some words, I make myself hard to understand, musicians come to the soundcheck. These are those moments where you would like to ask things and then not say anything, but this happens when you have to do with genes. Todd my impalpable godness who becomes the common man and me ... .. During dinner later in a pizza bar entered with surprise Kasim Sulton and so we talk a while 'and more of the less .. But it's time of the concert, in a Rolling Stone so cold that starts with Eugene Francis Jr.with his acoustic set and the Captain America shield and an acoustic cover of A dream goes on forever; people and I like this bizarre musician whose own the wonderful cd Golden Beatie; Really recommended. After an half hour and meanwhile the people increases, then I hear a noise of jack and Love in action explodes with Todd and the whole band, I am very close to the stage and Todd many times plays in front of me. And then it's time the turn of a raged Black Mariah, and the audience warmly welcomed. Walls come down comes after many of the public do not know as far as Lunatic Fringe, which I like always with his riff, but then there is no space and involving and acclaimed Open my eyes from the debut of Nazz, the Todd first composition. I saw the light in order to conclude the little journey into the past of Todd. And so the band starts with all the songs from Arena. Todd talks pleasantly with all the public and asked if we all bought Arena and everyone says yes. I prefer Mad on the record because here there was no acoustic guitar, and then Afraid very faithful to the record as Mercenary really starting to heat the public, the band pulls up to the great solos of Todd and Jesse Gresse and rhythmic stuff of the mythical Kasim Sulton. Jesse with voice on Gun again. Todd does not return earlier to his first steps and has an incredible force and voice, who thought he had abandoned the guitar is to be taught, Todd is truly a phenomenon stage, able to forward his caravan unabated. Then Courage is acclaimed and recognized. Todd then tells a story of a guy who believed that Todd was born in Philadelphia of Mississippi because of Weakness, a blues Hendrix, and I fly up and transform me, my body is there, but my mind is elsewhere who knows how paradise lost, in trance, from that time onwards there is no longer the audience, but only eyes who searches a private heaven. I do not exist in more earthly form. Although Strike draws a considerable physical force by the public. Pissin is one of the pieces I love most of Arena and here is splendid bottom of incessant Rachel Haden and the precise drumming of Prairie Prince, off the faces and entertain the fans, we have us, their music a circle does not closes but that leaves new doors opened. The early laps of the synthesizer send myself in visible, I feel the skin tremble, Today has started another great journey of fantastical adventure, a tune interpreted with warmth and transport, oh my God,how can I call it simply beautiful?

Bardo: music for the mind and then Mountaintop, really the top of the concert, completely insane, I have not lost a fraction of a second of this great song, should quit as a single, one of the best songs Todd pulls out: desire, strength, the madness, the communication that keep concealed inside and after the first laps the entire personality comes out. Guitars,maudits guitars,guerrilla guitars,bombastic guitars,higher,higher,more higher in the sky!

And the time seems not to have a more precise connotation, past, present, future, everything is mixed, timeless, beyond space, a small atom of a galaxy infinite. Yet it is only rock'n'roll say someone, why do you loose after these lucubrations,? But when you're in search of happiness and it is here, you're happy as a child and find yourself within a new world, because you do not have to prove it ? Panic and Man Up conclude a well heated and unforgettable evening! But there are encores , Could not I just tell you and Just one Victory and make us the band in all of its splendor and affection. A welcome goes to Robert Frazza for the excellent sound, really incredible without any smudges or error. I am going to go to the toilet and while I 'm pissin' a man of Rolling Stone was closing in with me inside, and in a moment I go out afraid to have forgot the dick off the rush, a short rudeness never encountered before, nothing to do with the English or American people I met in the past. Indeed I am sorry for Milan but I hope that Todd next time will change cities in Italy, never seen such rudeness. We are all outside, meeting Mary Lou and Jesse; hugs and kisses as brothers who do not see in a long time, explain to them that the people of the box office were not so kind. Mary Lou brings me to Todd and he receives myself enthusiastic and so we started to talk about everything, Toddstock and my impossible participation, of eating, our worlds, and then suddenly I swear that I do not expect me, Todd embraces me. Here I would have wished that there was a camera, but people can tell. A hug that I keep in my heart so firmly because Todd was the best assurance of my life with my family, he was the reference alive, but distant, unattainable of my youth, my bad mood, my refuge, my a secret lair where I could tell him everything and for one hour a day, every day has made me happy and then here's what a hug, we became for a moment one, a body, a soul. And the spheres join together in song.


Outside the air is very cold, I'm going to bed at warm, but my mind is not tired, Good night Lino (but at 5 o'clock in the morning I was still awake).

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11/18/2008 - Milan, Italy - Rolling Stone

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