review show Todd Rundgren and Ethel in Eindhoven, November 15, 2008

Review by Rens Korevaar (Switch to

Although Eindhoven city is not really the architectural and cultural city to be, Todd Rundgren brought some nice sparkle in this area. Together with Ethel he brought a mix of some heavier tracks of Arena and some tiny demons of previous records. The combination of Todd and Ethel is not always a artistic and musictechnical good one (sometimes Todd's guitar is too heavy; sometimes there are only too many violins). But I just want to say that Todd was really in good shape for a performer of 60 years young. Good at voice, lost weight?, narrating the audience, having fun. I rather see Todd with music from the sort of begin 70-ties, mid/late 80-ties/begin 90-ties period. But this show was alright. He sang 'Pretending to care', so fine, so impressive.

Stay a performer Todd, take your years and continue.

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11/15/2008 - TROMP International Music Festival and Competition Opening Night - Eindhoven, Netherlands

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