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Adding to previous reviews - here are my thoughts on the night.

Having been to Manchester & going to London I expected something a little different from this... I wasn't disappointed!!! The Tromp show was a one off truly unique. It was a mixed audience - including Festival competitors & patrons and a good sprinkling of TR fans. As this was the launch of the festival the chairman made a speech, which I couldn't understand except for the artists names..... inc Toad Lundgren.

Ethel were superb, just a great shame we didn't get more from them on their own. The first half was devoted to a Czech singer & string group.

spine - tingly moments inc When Todd came out he & Ethel, with the help of Colin Currie as Prairie, launched into Mountain Top......Dorothy & Co on backing vocals....... Ethel CAN Rock!!! Ethel's Mesmerising performance of Flamingo/Zen Archer. Paul Brantley - a Composer/Teacher/Cellist & Lifelong Todd Fan friend of Ethel composed this. Apparently he has composed more of Todds work !!!!! Pretending to Care, arguably better than any I saw on the JJ/Ethel/TR tour. Weakness - perfect with the strings.........hankies anyone!!!

Foamy was in his element

Todd had a blast, his voice soared.

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11/15/2008 - TROMP International Music Festival and Competition Opening Night - Eindhoven, Netherlands

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