Todd at KB, Malmoe, Sweden

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After a 31 year wait to see Todd live again (Ra tour in Stockholm 1977 first and only one so far) the anticipation was high. At first me and my friends were very disappointed due to the terrible turnout at the venue. This venue can hold about 500 people without getting overcrowded but there were less than 100 people in the audience. There were no ads in papers before the show, no reviews of Arena in the press. But Todd and the band came on, Todd stated "You must realise you are a very priviliged crowd, this must be the cream of the intelligentia in Malmoe". He then kicked in and the band played the now familiar setlist, in spite of the disappointing turnout. But the crowd loved it, and he acted very professional and gave us all as did the rest of the band. The sound was high but great from the start with blistering guitar solos and great drumming from Prairie. At the end the sound was too high though and I had to put on my special music ear plugs. He came in for the encore (Couldnīt I just tell you and JOV) and the whole band came up front and thanked the audience. The whole show was awesome, the pressure was enormous on Today and his guitar solo was fenomenal on Bardo. The band was very tight and dead on the whole time, with few technical problems only (broken string for Jesse and a failing battery pack on Todds Foamy, which he played on throughout the set). It was a great feeling to see him again, to see him play lots of guitar and to see the whole band. They are truly great and its a shame that they are not more appreciated. I feel that this was it, he wonīt be coming back after such a poor turnout. But, you could see he loved to play and it is impossible to see he is 60. And, his voice, his voice. Strong. Canīt wait to get the DVD from this tour.

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11/13/2008 - Kulturbolaget - Malmo, Sweden

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