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Gothenburg was almost raining away. A little wet but hopeful about the concert, me and my friends entered Trädgården (which means "the Garden"). The venue was quite big, I guess it could take up to 1200 people or something, but a rather invisible promotion coupled with Todd being pretty unknown anyway, made it not even half full. A bit disappointing I'd say.

But whatever the turn-up was, Todd and the guys delivered a blistering show, and to me it seemed like there really were a lot of hardcore fans in the audience, enjoying themselves immensely. Early on, one of my friends who have only been into Todd for a few years said "this is genius". The set list was the standard one we have seen through the tour, and I even enjoyed the covers very much. Towards the end of the Arena section the atmosphere went "higher, higher" and for me it could easily feel like we were a thousand people at that point.

The band was tight and great and Jesse was the co-star for me. Great guitar wizardry. Our hero said somethhing like " feels a little like being home", but mentioned early about being a little unenergized because of the weather. That was not apparant though, because he gave everything and he delivered all the way. Vital as a 20 year old. The guitar playing was great and his voice was strong and heavenly.

A really high point in my life of going to concerts.

After the show we met some other Norwegians that also had travelled down to Gothenburg and they were ecstatic about the show just like we were. I was the only one who had seen Todd before, and some of them said they were nervous before the show about getting disappointed, but they sure weren't.

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11/12/2008 - Traddgaard - Gothenburg, Sweden

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