Todd november 9 th. Amager Bio, Copenhagen Denmark

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I've been a fan since Something/Anything... In 1977. I saw the Copenhagen Utopia concert based on 'Ra'. The sound was poor but my enthusiasm was hi. Later that night I met Todd in the Copenhagen nightlife. We actually went around town that night. In 1978 I visited Baresville Studios upstate New York but Todd was not around. Then in 1992 I saw Ringo Stars All Star Band on a rainy summers night in Copenhagen. Todd was one of the All Stars and it was Okay. But finally....... last sunday I got to see...and hear...the essence of what I heard on Something/Anything, Todd, A Wizard a..., Initiations, Todd Rundgren Utopia..... and I heard it live. Fantastic....... after all these years!

Tomorrow I'll go to Malmö, Sweden, if possible!

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11/09/2008 - Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Denmark

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