Observations from Amager Bio, Copenhagen

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English isn’t my first language so please forgive my grammatical misstakes (sorry mistakes).

I was about a meter in front of the stage so I can’t pass judgment on the sound.

The setlist was the usual except they switched Mountain Top and Bardo around due to Todd breaking a string. He played a Gibson SG on MT.

Foamy has a scratch.

Todd has a very peculiar way of taking the D chord.

Todd accidentally kicked a woman in the head in the beginning of Walls. He apologized after the song and joked about giving her “rough sex”. He also signed an autograph and a little dedication to her after the show.

Rachel’s five string bass was a bit out of tune in the beginning of Afraid. The five string bass, which she only used on that song, is apparently part of the backline they hire for every gig.

They travel without any backline, just guitars, pedalboards and cymbals.

They seemed to enjoy the show and the crowd did too.

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11/09/2008 - Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Denmark

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