Mister Sound wave 7th. Novemeber in Edinburgh

Review by Ute Bishop (Switch to

Its how I called Todd the whole evening. Its how its felt, like surfing on a a sound wave!From the 1st tune on!

What a fantastic night! Thank to all musicians so much! I hope they had fun too...

I came from Hannover and Mike from Manchester and we met in Newcastle. It was more than worth it.

To met Ben, another big toddheadfan in the Shakespeare-pub was great fun. We all knew all todd songs and words from ages right away. Made the talk easier all night!It was great to met you Ben!

The right space and place in Scotland if anybody ask me. The audience was great, the place and Mr. Sound wave himself

The next day was SUNNY ( ja, ja when angel travel!) and we went on the castle. What a wonderful view.!

Yes as we all don't get younger, come back soon! As Ben said!

Pictures coming!

Relaxed Greatings !


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11/07/2008 - The Picture House - Edinburgh, UK

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