todd in edinburgh 7th nov 08

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Another fantastic gig from Todd and his merry men/woman!

The band was really tight and the playing and singing were superb all night. Really punchy drum sound and the guitars sounded great although the vocals were a bit lost at times, although this is typical of in yer face rock gigs. overall mix got there by the time the band hit the arena section of the show.

todd was on great form and belies his tender years by running around the stage like a crazed teenager....what's your secret, todd?

standout tracks from the old stuff were - i saw the light, love in action and the anthem to rival all anthems - just one victory...awesome!!

best tracks from the new album, which was very well received, were strike, weakness and mountain top - "higher higher" ! !

thanks again to todd and the band for a great night and make sure you guys come back soon, none of us are getting any younger!!

thanks to a great couple, who are huge todd fans like myself: Mike and Ute who travelled from manchester uk and hannover , germany respectively for the gig - you were great company and real todd-heads!

ben rose


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