Todd and Band in Manchester and Edinburgh

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What a start to Todd's Arena Europe tour!

I have been to both the Manchester and Edinburgh shows which were both near sell outs. Todd and the band let rip in Manchester and continued in the same vain in Edinburgh and the band are tight, tight, tight and loud and as previous reviews have said Todd and the band are ready for Arena venues if we all push hard to make that happen. The set list was the same as the USA Arena tours and Arena live is so much more powerful than the CD and you leave this show with a big smile on your face and wanting more, more, more ( listening to the after show comments everyone said what a great show it was), so do not miss the future shows. Todd, Jesse, Prairie, Rachel and Kasim (who is now getting into the groove) seem inspired and are delivering an unforgettable excellent show and 'Panic' just keeps going around and around and around and around in my head. Todd has done it again a true Master of his art and ahead of the game as usual.

So you all go for it!!

Thanks for the healing Todd.



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