Manchester 6 November 2008

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Todd and the guitar were made for one another but unfortunately when he has crossed the Atlantic recently he hasn't played as much as I'd have liked. Jesse played most of the licks on the Liars tour and the JJ/Ethel tour was largely acoustic! I approached this gig with a warm glow of anticipation and I wasn't disappointed. The set list has been well documented and there were no surprises. I was standing with my two sisters about 8 rows back and the sound was fine even if Kasim's keyboard was difficult to hear at times.

Todd took to the stage quite late at 9.15 and launched straight in to 'Love In Action'. The band seemed tight and the vocal mix was sublime! Highlights for me were the interaction between Todd and Jess, the aforementioned vocal mix and the sheer thrill of seeing my greatest rock hero producing some blistering solos. I didn't think Courage translated quite as well as other 'Arena' numbers although the album is definitely begging out to be performed live. 'Today' and 'Manup' are great live tracks!

An excellent night!

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11/06/2008 - Academy 2 - Manchester, UK

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