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Been a fan of Todd for about 7 years,never thought I would see him live, but have been lucky in that he seems to have got back on the touring side, this was the second time as I saw a show on the Liars tour, liked the current show better as it is more of a rock and roll band.

The venue in Manchester is on the university campus, last time I was here was back in June to see my absolute fave band Blue Oyster Cult-it's a good live venue as it is a large standing room holding about 800 plus,looked pretty full. The setlist was as expected,and if I didn't already know it,I could have read it off the printed setlist placed in front of the band members!

Todd's was in extra large print so maybe he's a bit shortsighted!

I was first into the venue so was front centre stage,ideal as I wanted to take pics and a video.

I enjoyed the show from start to finish,even the Arena stuff which I did'nt know.Todd was in fine form,vocally and on guitar and seemed to be enjoying himself,striking guitar poses and jumping around a lot.

I also was impressed by Jesse on guitar,excellent player.

The stage lighting was almost non existent and as all the band wore black,it didn't help my pics.I took a camera phone vid of I Saw the Light,not great quality but if anyone wants to check it out under my Youtube name of paulyboc777. Good to see the great man back playing live.

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11/06/2008 - Academy 2 - Manchester, UK

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