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I took the trek from Long Island to Tarrytown for the Arena Show this weekend and as far as the band, i was not disapointed. The only problem i had was the bass.... it was overbearing. It did seem to level out in the second part of the show.So i hope they finally got a hold on that.

I have to say i enjoy a GA venue rather than seats... but the theatre in Tarrytown was nice.

Except for the crowd. Like previously mentioned..... i felt like i was watching this show in Sleepy Hollow..... Until the final encore, this crowd didnt move. I was in the 9th row, and looking ahead of me and to the side of me not ONE head moved!! The row in front of me? i think they had blinders on.

I actually felt bad for Todd. Here he is,60 years old and cranking out some good rock and roll and not a head moved.I was hoping he would start yelling at the audience in disgust.But i guess hes more professional than me and didnt go there.

As the show went on he tried to put the message out about the whole theme of Arena...... The terrible job that this government has done representing US!!! the American Citizen.

And what was the result from the crowd? rumblings and comments that Todd should just play his music and shut up about the politics. Isnt the ability to talk about religion and politics the basis of what America is all about???? Well, many shudder at the idea. Well, thanks for bringing it to the forefront Todd. I wanted to come on stage and put my two cents in. Hey... its his show, he should be able to say what he wants and put out any message he feels hes following.

This is where i felt bad for Todd..... putting all that energy into this show, showing his digust for a dismal government and nobody went with him.

Well i guess i got a little side tracked from the music here but all i can say is... Todd, you did a great job..... i love the way your playing and i love your message. GET MAD!!! and never let up.

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10/11/2008 - Music Hall - Tarrytown, NY

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